Why Raif Badawi must be included in the Sakharov shortlist

The plight of Raif Badawi has touched thousands of hearts around the world.

A man who has strove for Human Rights and Women’s Rights,
through his writings as a blogger.
He now has a book published in many different languages.

Professing only peace and harmony Raif is now languishing in a prison.
In fear for his life simply because he expressed his right to peacefully verbalize
his opinions and beliefs.


He has had his wife and three young chidren taken away from him.
His freedom denied and his power of thought quashed.

Raif is a brave and articulate man, that has now been reduced to not knowing
whether he will be publicly beaten
or whether he will live or die, on a weekly basis.

What was his crime ? One might ask.

This is why Raif Badawi is an exemplorary candidate
for the prestigious Sakharov Prize.

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