Open Letter signed by over 600

This statement was delivered to UK Prime Minister at Downing Street on Wednesday, 17th June – the 3rd anniversary of Raif Badawi’s imprisonment

We held a public meeting at 6:30pm on the same day to consider how we take the campaign forward.

We will be posting an update soon

Speakers include:

Ann Feltham: Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Natalie Bennett: 
Green Party leader
Jo Glanville: Director, English PEN
Maryam Namazie: Spokesperson, International Front for Secularism
Peter Tatchell
Stewart McDonald MP: SNP for Glasgow South
John McDonnell MP: Labour Party Hayes and Harlington

A similar statement targeted at President Hollande continues to gain signatures – for text of that click on this link 

So far 18 MPs, 12 MSPs, and 7 members of the House of Lords have signed. Scores of prominent human rights activists, writers, lawyers and journalists have also signed as well as hundreds of others (see below). Further action will be necessary.


Dear Prime Minister

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi is currently imprisoned in a Saudi Arabian jail having received the first 50 of a threatened 1,000 lashes. If Raif survives these floggings he faces another 10 years in jail. His ‘crime’ was to have set up a website that called for peaceful change of the Saudi regime away from the repressive and religiously exclusive regime that it is.

In another shameful act his lawyer Waleed Abu Al-Khair, and other human rights activists were also later arrested. On February 20th this year Waleed had his sentence confirmed as 15 years in prison.

The European Parliament in its resolution of Feb 12th made clear its demands on Saudi Arabia to release Raif, as well as his lawyer Waleed and others imprisoned there for exercising their freedom of speech.

But to free Raif from this nightmare needs more than politicians saying that they disapprove of his punishment.

The total EU trade with the Saudi regime is currently close to €64 billion a year. The UK alone has approaching £12 billion invested in Saudi Arabia whilst it continues to invite Saudi investment in the UK, particularly in the property market. Saudi investment in the UK is currently over £62.5 billion.

As the regime inflicts beheadings and floggings on its people, questions have to be asked about why more cannot be done to promote the human rights of citizens of a country with which there is such extensive business. Particularly questions have to be asked about the morality of providing such a regime with arms, particularly the weaponry and facilities they use in their brutal penal system.

We ask that you make publicly clear your complete opposition to the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and demand the immediate release of Raif and Waleed as the EU parliament has done. We also ask that you make publicly clear what measures you will take as a government to put any trading with this regime on an ethical basis and what conditions you will demand from the Saudi regime if all of that trade is to continue – particularly in relation to weapons that might be used in oppression or imprisonment.

If nothing is done to stop the brutality, beheadings and floggings that are committed there – then any moral stand taken against similar horrors committed elsewhere by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria can only be compromised.

In the spirit of consistency, transparency and humanity we ask you to take action to Free Raif and promote human rights in Saudi Arabia



These signatures were included in our letter to the Prime Minister that was delivered to No 10 Downing Street. They are all in a personal capacity unless otherwise stated

  1. Dr. Elham Manea, spokesperson for the family of Raif Badawi
  2. Ensaf Haidar, wife of Raif Badawi
  3. Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson for Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All and Producer of Bread and Roses TV
  4. Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner
  5. Maureen Freely, President, English PEN
  6. Francis Wheen, journalist and author
  7. Bianca Jagger, Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation
  8. Jimmy Wales, Jimmy Wales Foundation, Wikipedia
  9. Noam Chomsky, MIT
  10. Jodie Ginsberg, CEO of Index on Censorship
  11. Lord (David) Alton of Liverpool
  12. Baroness Glenys Kinnock
  13. Baroness Ruth Lister
  14. Michael Cashman, member of the House of Lords, Labour Party’s special envoy on LGBT issues
  15. Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe, former Justice of the Supreme Court
  16. Lord Hylton
  17. Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, member of the House of Lords
  18. Pete Radcliff FreeRaif_UK
  19. John McDonnell, Labour MP, Hayes and Harlington
  20. Harry Harpham, Labour MP, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
  21. Chris Williamson, former Labour MP for Derby North, 2010-2015
  22. Roger Godsiff, Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green
  23. Liz McInnes, Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton
  24. Jim Fitzpatrick. Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse
  25. Michael Meacher, Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton
  26. Katy Clark, former Labour MP, 2005-15, for North Ayrshire and Arran
  27. Mark Lazarowicz, former Labour and Co-operative MP, 2001-2015, for Edinburgh North and Leith
  28. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP for Islington North
  29. George Howarth, Labour MP for Knowsley North
  30. Seema Malhotra, Labour (Co-op) MP for Feltham and Heston
  31. Mark Durkan, SDLP MP for Foyle
  32. Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion
  33. Natalie McGarry, SNP MP for Glasgow East
  34. Stewart McDonald, SNP MP for Glasgow South
  35. George Galloway, former Respect MP, 2010-2015, for Bradford
  36. Julian Huppert, former Liberal Democrat MP, 2010-2015 for Cambridge
  37. Paul Burstow, former Liberal Democrat MP, 1997-2015, for Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park
  38. Martin Horwood, former Liberal Democrat MP, 2005-2015, for Cheltenham
  39. Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP, 1997-2015, for West Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly
  40. Mike Thornton, Liberal Democrat MP, 2013-2015, for Eastleigh
  41. Kenneth J Gibson SNP MSP for Cunninghame North
  42. Anne McTaggart, Labour MSP for Glasgow and Shadow Minister for International Development
  43. Sandra White, SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin
  44. Michael Russell, SNP MSP for Argyll and Bute
  45. John Pentland, Labour MSP for Motherwell and Wishaw
  46. Patricia Ferguson, Labour MSP for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn
  47. Jayne Baxter, Labour MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife
  48. John Mason, SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston
  49. Neil Findlay Labour MSP for Lothian
  50. Siobhan McMahon, Labour MSP for Central Scotland
  51. Sarah Boyack, Labour MSP for Lothian
  52. Cara Hilton, Scottish Labour MSP for Dunfermline
  53. Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party
  54. John Wadham, Human rights solicitor at INTERIGHTS, EHRC, IPCC and Liberty
  55. Rahila Gupta, Journalist
  56. Stephen Law, Provost Center for Inquiry UK
  57. Val Graham, FreeRaif_UK
  58. Derek Wall, International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales
  59. Dawn Elliott, Chair, Broxtowe CLP
  60. Gita Sahgal, Centre for Secular Space, UK
  61. James Bloodworth, Editor of Left Foot Forward
  62. Ramin Forghani, Founder of Ex-Muslims of Scotland
  63. Bahram Soroush, Political Analyst
  64. Sarah Peace, Fireproof Library
  65. Jonnie Dean, Fireproof Library
  66. Gona Saed , Women’s Rights Campaigner
  67. David Graeber, author, anthropologist
  68. Joanne Harris, author
  69. Anthony Horowitz, author
  70. Philip Pullman, Oxford
  71. Robin Ince, comedian and presenter of the Infinite Monkey Cage
  72. Johnny Vegas, comedian
  73. Kate Smurthwaite, comedian
  74. Rev Richard Cole, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live, journalist and musician
  75. Aso Kamal, Secular Activist
  76. Dashty Jamal, Federation of Iraqi Refugees UK
  77. Noori Bashir, Activist
  78. Amal Farah, Spokesperson of Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All
  79. Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society
  80. Liam McNulty, Hornsey and Wood Green Constituency Labour Party Youth Officer
  81. Amel Grami, Tunisian Academic
  82. Ibrahim Abdallah, Muslimish NYC Organizer
  83. Amine Boukhliq, Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco
  84. Rumana Hashem, Women’s Rights Campaigner, Environmentalist and NariDiganta
  85. Marieme Helie Lucas, Founder of Women Living Under Muslims Laws and Secularism is a Women’s Issue
  86. A.C. Grayling, British Humanist Association, International humanist and Ethical Union
  87. Rayhana Sultan, Activist
  88. Johnny Monsarrat, Secular Policy Institute
  89. Richard Dawkins, Scientist
  90. Fariborz Pooya, Federation of Iranian Refugees UK and Host of Bread and Roses TV
  91. Billy Carvaka
  92. Pliny Soocoormanee, Assistant to the Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation
  93. Paul Stott, Distance Learning Tutor, University of Leicester.
  94. Simon Cottee Senior Lecturer in Criminology Kent University (researcher on Islamism in the UK)
  95. Houzan Mahmoud: Kurdish womens rights campaigner- UK
  96. Alan Thomas, blogger Shiraz socialist
  97. Maajid Nawaz, Co-Founder and Chairman of Quilliam Foundation
  98. Behzad Varpushty, Activist
  99. Andrew Coates Branch Chair UNITE LE 1/860.
  100. Lejla Kuric, Secular and Women’s Rights Activist
  101. Fatou Sow, International Director of Women Living Under Muslims Laws
  102. Aliyah Saleem, Secular Education Activist
  103. Simon Heywood, writer, UCU
  104. Andreas Bieler, UCU HEC and Prof. of Political Economy, Nottingham University/UK
  105. Camilla Bassi, blogger and UCU Sheffield
  106. Tony Byrne RMT
  107. Liam Conway, Secretary Notts NUT and NEC member Notts/Derbys
  108. Clive Bradley, writer
  109. Diana Peasey, Chair, Nottingham NUJ branch
  110. Mick Duckworth Vice-chair Nottingham Branch NUJ
  111. Rod Malcolm, reporter
  112. Kabir Ahmed NUJ freelance
  113. Dave Kirk Branch Secretary of Unite NE204/4
  114. Janine Booth, Secretary RMT Central Line East branch, poet and author
  115. Jasim Ghafur, Iraqi Kurdish activist
  116. Mick Sidaway,  Branch chair  Norwich RMT
  117. Adrian Cruden, Green Party Parliamentary candidate
  118. Tim Cooper ,Treasurer, Unite Community Nottingham
  119. Daniel Lemberger Cooper, NUS National Executive Council
  120. Omar Raii, UCLU External Affairs & Campaigns Officer
  121. Kingsley Abrams United Left NCC Branch Officer LE 1111 Housing Workers
  122. Martin Mayer, Chair United Left of Unite the Union
  123. Howard Fuller, Prospect Union
  124. Robin Carmody, Human rights activist
  125. Mark Catterall Labour Councillor Todmorden  & Unison steward
  126. Andy Sinclair, RCN, Lancashire East branch
  127. Chris Moos, Secularist Activist and Researcher
  128. Emma Robertson, Artist, Educator and Secularist
  129. Anna Butler, student at NTU
  130. D.R. Callaghan, Hull
  131. Robin Graft, Eastleigh, British Humanist Association & National Secular Society
  132. Barby Moore, Teesside
  133. Graham Ash-Porter Bishopstoke
  134. Linda Antsov, Bournemouth
  135. Alan Mitchell UK
  136. Chris Giles, Blackpool, Lancashire
  137. Simon C Russell Brighton
  138. Jill Mcgregor Liverpool
  139. Sarah Franklin, Islington, London
  140. Christine Rimmer, Nottingham, UK
  141. Elinor Munday, Andover
  142. Andrea Coleman, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
  143. Catherine Shea Edinburgh
  144. Victoria Hayward, RMT union, London
  145. Simone Theiss, London
  146. Barbara Bradshaw, Pulborough, West Sussex
  147. Susan Dorrell, Activist, Tottenham, London
  148. John Dorrell, Sutton, Surrey
  149. Charles Parkes, Nottingham, UK
  150. Owen Sheers, author and Chair of Wales PEN Cymru
  151. Katrina Finn, Berkshire
  152. Marie Sheard, Leeds
  153. Anne Amison, Brixham, Devon,
  154. Madeleine Buxton, Manchester UK
  155. Lynne Barker, West Yorkshire, UK
  156. Barbara Schaefer, Author, Lecturer, Nottingham
  157. Graham Auty, Leeds North East
  158. Miriam Moss, Leeds North East
  159. Colin Gunter, Cambridgeshire, Chair of Ely Humanists
  160. Darrell Croston, Fleetwood, Lancashire, GB
  161. Judith Pilatowicz, Kingston, Surrey
  162. Nazia Tingay, London
  163. Susan Frampton, Mickfield, Suffolk
  164. Louise Neale, Aylsham, Norwich
  165. Angus Watson London UK Human Rights Activist
  166. Cllr. Kevin Bennett , Warrington, Unite the Union activist
  167. Polly Shepperdson – Bristol Amnesty international member
  168. Annabel Gullett , Cheltenham, UK
  169. Chrissie Grech, West Sussex, UK
  170. Jane Street, Clinical psychologist, London
  171. Martin Bassant, Leeds NE
  172. S Maguire, Woking, Surrey
  173. Paul Jones, Southampton
  174. Martin Ridgwell, London
  175. Josh Petzoldt, UCL UNISON member, UCL, London
  176. Ruth Conlock, Unison, Manchester
  177. Neil Conlock, Unison, Manchester
  178. Najeeb Nazir, Unison, Nottingham
  179. Robin Mitchell, Retired teacher, USA
  180. Sharon Hammond, Labour Party activist, Eastleigh, England
  181. Mike Rowley, City Councillor, Oxford
  182. Sharon Nicolson Scotland
  183. Nigel White, Bleasby
  184. Emma Carson, London
  185. Glen Carrigan, Scientist, Founder AHSUCLan, Preston
  186. Meena Kandasamy, London/Chennai, Poet & Novelist
  187. Palma McKeown, Motherwell, Scotland
  188. Samantha Charles, Great Malvern, Worcestershire
  189. Steve Arnott, Editorial Co-ordinator, The Point, Inverness, Scotland
  190. Katharine Norbury, writer, London
  191. Jamie Osborn, Chair, Cambridge Student PEN
  192. Ben Whitmore,Lower Froyle, Hampshire
  193. Jill Nicholls, London
  194. Elizabeth Holland, Cardiff
  195. Jenna Ford-Knubley, London UK
  196. Mike Kinny, London
  197. Julian Reed, London
  198. David Weeden, Watford
  199. Robin Clarke, Birmingham
  200. Stephen Fenwick-Paul, Reading
  201. Rosamine Hayeem,Political activist, Edgware
  202. Dr Brian Robinson, Retired NHS psychiatrist, Milton Keynes
  203. Kauther Ali, London
  204. Susan Flindt, Manchester
  205. Henrik Utvik, UCL, London
  206. Sohail Ahmed, London, Queen Mary Atheism Humanism and Secularism society
  207. Bernadette Collier, Glasgow
  208. Alex Mitchell, Swindon
  209. Kate Barkes, Troutbeck, Cumbria
  210. Anna Morton, Chesham
  211. Dane Clouston, Oxfordshire Liberal Party, Stadhampton, Oxford
  212. Jasper Hadman, Oxford
  213. David Hancock, Harrow, London
  214. Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Iraqi Activist and Founder of Global Secular Humanist Movement
  215. Clare Burn, Retail worker, Wallsend
  216. George Gall,: Retired engineer, Truro
  217. Patrick Norman Park, Darwen Lancashire
  218. Ken Chamberlain, Caerphilly
  219. Harry Paterson, Author, Derbyshire
  220. Mike Evans, Warwick
  221. Liz ODonnell, Scotland
  222. Joya Ghosh, Amnesty International, London
  223. Lillian Winter Barnoldswick, Lancashire
  224. Miss Debbie Smith, Boothstown, Manchester
  225. Si Butler, Horsham
  226. Katrina Finn, Thatcham, Berkshire
  227. Madeleine Buxton, Manchester
  228. Emma Dadswell, Taunton, Somerset
  229. Claire Jackson-Prior , Sutton, Surrey
  230. Cllr Mark Whitcutt, UNITE the Union, Labour Party, Newport, South Wales
  231. Julie Walker, Amnesty International, NW England
  232. Nancy Middleton, Amnesty International, Reigate
  233. John Sargeant, Blogger Huffington Post
  234. David Wearing, Phd researcher on UK-Saudi relations, SOAS
  235. Thelma Robinson, Freedom from Torture, Milton Keynes
  236. Penelope Sargin, London
  237. Sam Stanfield, Scientist, Scotland
  238. Tony Lavelle, Activist, Manchester
  239. Nick Palmer, Labour PPC, Broxtowe
  240. Matt Thomas, Devon
  241. Linda Faulkner, Leicester
  242. Alistair Frith, Gloucestershire
  243. Dr Sara Melly, atheist and humanist, Winchester
  244. Samantha Bourke, Leeds
  245. Dean Pearcey, Technician, Basingstoke
  246. Vaidehi Bhargava, Student, Coventry
  247. Maazah Ali, Student at Univ of Nottm
  248. Patrick J Boyd, London
  249. Gail D McMillan, Secular Scotland, RCN, National Secular Society, Liberty, Aberdeen
  250. Mark Leighton; Glasgow, Scotland
  251. Norry Passway, Broughty Ferry, Dundee
  252. Andy Jack, Amnesty International, Nottingham
  253. Kit Toda, UCL English PEN, London,
  254. Sarah Mumford, Scotland,
  255. Mike Brogan, Blackrod, 38 degrees Campaigns
  256. Anne Jennings Nottingham Amnesty Group
  257. Lucinda Ash, Oxfordshire
  258. Alan Williams, Nottingham
  259. Jonathan Hood, Eastbourne
  260. David Lyons, Birmingham
  261. Ceri Baldwin, Nottingham Amnesty
  262. Rick Westhorpe, Carmarthen Wales
  263. Christine Chardonnens, London
  264. Mark Latham, Labour Party PPC, Eastleigh
  265. Lindsay Buckell  Nottingham Amnesty
  266. Claire Lawrence, UCU, Nottingham
  267. Geoffrey Curl, Nottingham
  268. Rose Powell, Amnesty International, Mansfield
  269. Professor Roger Bromley, UCU, Nottingham Beyond Borders,  Nottingham & Nottins Refugee Forum
  270. Isabel Turnbull, Nottingham
  271. Marie Joyce, Newcastle under Lyme
  272. Gayle Newbolt, Manchester
  273. Michael Duke, London
  274. Beth Thomas, Southend-on-Sea, Essex
  275. Julian Snowdon, London
  276. Anthony Higney, Statistician, Glasgow
  277. Linda Mockett, Nottingham
  278. Steve Zlotowitz, Beeston, Nottingham
  279. Julia Glenny, Shaw Mills, North Yorks
  280. Julia Wilson, Ambleside
  281. Craig Wilson, Ambleside
  282. Stewart MacArthur, Artist, Poole, Dorset
  283. Shahnaz Islam. London
  284. Kate Harrington, Lambourn
  285. Anne Pugh, Birstall, West Yorkshire
  286. David Carter, Manx Labour Party, Isle Of Man
  287. Steve Bennett, Educationalist, Surrey
  288. Theresa Annette Evans, Lancashire
  289. Tom Neill, St Albans
  290. Dr Emma L Briant, Author and Lecturer, University Of Sheffield
  291. Ceri Harries, Torquay Devon
  292. Trevor Smith, Unison Shop Steward, Nottingham
  293. Joseph Gari Maccoll, Fort William
  294. Anne C. Davies, Human Rights Campaigner, Midwife, Gwynedd, North Wales
  295. Alan Mitchell Lighwater Surrey
  296. Andrew Crockett, Chadderton, Oldham
  297. James Watts University of Exeter
  298. Alice Pitman, Surrey, England
  299. Robert Pegg, Writer and lawyer
  300. Bill Grantham, Dublin, Ireland
  301. Dr. Dave Mycock, Labour Party, Broxtowe, Nottingham
  302. Kat Mycock, Labour Party, Broxtowe, Nottingham
  303. Anthony Holden, Writer and Biographer
  304. Sally Bryant, Woodstock
  305. Julia Wilson, Ambleside
  306. Sean Campbell, Basingstoke
  307. Mrs W James-Synnott, Bristol
  308. Mr James-Synnott, Bristol, UK
  309. Andrea Chipman, Freelance Journalist
  310. Terry Cox, Wiltshire
  311. Chris Jackson, Castleford
  312. Dawn Smith, Edinburgh
  313. Clare Gray , Derby
  314. James Clark, London
  315. Gary Hendry, Glasgow
  316. Freya Killilea-Clark, Student, Brighton
  317. Annemarie Miller Glasgow Scotland
  318. Gerry Farrell, Prevention Of Governmental Inhumanity
  319. Alex Patterson, London
  320. Sarah Hunter, Hereford
  321. David Wonfor, retail worker, Carlisle
  322. Michael Fifield, Brighton
  323. Imogen Hopker, Sheffield
  324. Sandra Paton, Fife Scotland
  325. Jamie Weiner, Co-editor, New Left Project, London
  326. Émilie Charlotte, Researcher & Human Rights Activist, Glasgow
  327. Linda Hall, Newport, Monmouthshire
  328. Paul Towlson, London
  329. Regina Khanum, Manchester,
  330. Jackaleen McMonagle, Unite the Union, Clydebank
  331. Julie Williams Cumbria
  332. Pat Doran, Scottish Green Party, Glenfarg, Perth
  333. Lin Aston, Bournemouth
  334. Emma Carson, London
  335. Bethany Bourn Williams, Hiatt Baker Hall, Bristol
  336. Kara Harris-Heavey, London
  337. Gillian Sathanandan, Shrewsbury
  338. Isabel MacRae, Unison, Edinburgh
  339. Christopher Brookmyre, novelist and Honorary President of the Humanist Society Scotland, Glasgow.
  340. Rupert Neil Bumfrey, GMB, Bristol,
  341. Jo Bell , Northern Ireland
  342. Charlotte Goldney, London
  343. Marie Price, NUT, Plymouth
  344. Wendy Flower, Northumberland
  345. Margaret E. Hill, Kendal
  346. Christian Lathom-Sharp, Bristol
  347. Katrina Finn, Thatcham, Berkshire
  348. Anne Amison, Brixham, Devon
  349. James Anderson, Glasgow, Scotland
  350. Doug Newman,British Humanist Association, Conway Hall Ethical Society, London
  351. Ian Reynolds, Oxfordshire
  352. Louise Tester, Surrey
  353. Doreen Anne Milne, Armadale, Scotland.
  354. Kathryn Dickie, St Austell
  355. Richard Sutherland, Birmingham, U.K.
  356. James Stewart, Corsham
  357. Alison Archibald, Teddington, Middlesex
  358. Marjorie Finlay, Isle of Arran
  359. James Edwin Kennedy, Cramlington, Northumberland
  360. Clare Annamalai, London
  361. Siobhan Terry, Croydon
  362. Mark Stephens, CBE, President of Commonwealth Lawyers Association, Senior Member, Howard Kennedy LLP
  363. Jules Carey Human Rights Lawyer Bindmans LLP
  364. Joanne Radcliff, solicitor, Manchester
  365. Clare Delderfield, Lib Dem activist and humanist, Cambridgeshire
  366. Jeremy Rodell, SW London Humanists
  367. Sarah Brown, executive member, LGBT+ Liberal Democrats
  368. Juliet Denham, Worcestershire
  369. Rosanna Rabaeijs, Amnesty International, Edinburgh
  370. Gillian Russell, Ashtead, Surrey
  371. Rev. Peter Finlay, pastor Union Church of Tripoli, Libya, 1982, Scotland
  372. Cllr Carole Jones, Nottingham City Council
  373. Mobeen Azhar, Film Director & journalist
  374. Gary Spedding, Alliance Party or Northern Ireland, Human rights/ political activist, Belfast
  375. Dr Simon Singh, science writer, London
  376. Maureen Swift, London
  377. Tony Shephard, 1in12 Club, Bradford
  378. David Edwards, London
  379. Alan Henness, London
  380. Wouter Havinga, Stroud, UK
  381. Alison Stone, Leicester
  382. Dr. Emlyn Corrin, London
  383. Bernadette Stott, London
  384. Felix Oxley, Wiltshire
  385. James Seth-Smith, Secular Humanist, London
  386. Sheila Mosley, International Support Kurds in Syria Association, Leicester
  387. Jayne Cunliffe, Communication Support Worker Poole
  388. Phil Radcliff, Global justice campaigner, Virginia Water
  389. Brendan O’Neill, Cheam
  390. Morgan Crawford, Leeds
  391. Caroline Boughton, Bath
  392. Joanna Jacobs Soka Gakkai International
  393. Luke Radcliff, Surrey
  394. Kaja Mendera, London
  395. Jon Andrews, UCU and Amnesty International, Birmingham
  396. Francis Burley, Birmingham
  397. Jordan Cullen, Sheffield
  398. Beverley Buxton, Manchester
  399. Kay McGinley, UCU, Harlow
  400. Christopher Teague, 38degrees, Oxfam, PSC, CSC, Wales.
  401. Dugald Ferguson, Retired, ex-NUT, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
  402. Ken MacLeod, author, West Lothian
  403. Ann Hall, Unite union, Milton Keynes
  404. Julie Franklin, Manchester
  405. Suzanne Gannon, NUT, Meltham
  406. Penny Hayward, Manchester
  407. Jerry Peplinski, Kinghorn
  408. Jill Marks, Broseley
  409. Alison Murphy, EIS (Educational Institute of Scotland) Union, Active in Justice and Peace networks , Edinburgh
  410. Kathryn Edwards, Llanelli, Wales
  411. Neville Ancliff, Derby
  412. Wendy Sommerville, Lawyer, London
  413. Prof Chris French, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London
  414. Habiba Jaan, Founder of Aurat Supporting Women, Birmingham
  415. Conrad Bebbington, Atheist, Slough
  416. Andrew Cummins, Coin & medal artist, Birmingham
  417. Paul Durrant, Norwich
  418. Paul Barham, Doctor, Bristol
  419. Rob Cain, Director, Godalming
  420. Trevor Moore, Regular participant in English Pen vigils, London
  421. Mike Perkins, Amnesty International, British Humanist Association, Greenpeace, South Wales
  422. Claire Peters, London
  423. Caroline Penn, Streatham, London
  424. Clare Sambrook, journalist, Cumbria
  425. Daniel Raven-Ellison, London
  426. Michael Frew, Glasgow
  427. Helen Lynn, Cambridge
  428. Julia Wakelam Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
  429. Kevin Quinn, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
  430. Rob Smith, Middleton St George, County Durham
  431. Jini Reddy, Writer, London, UK
  432. Rachael Jolley, Journalist, London
  433. Zoe Williams, Writer
  434. Councillor Peter Morton, Haringey
  435. Councillor Greg Marshall, Broxtowe
  436. Councillor Andrea Oates, Broxtowe
  437. Dave Davies, musician, founder member of the Kinks
  438. Elizabeth Perry, Sheffield
  439. Konnie Lloyd, Human rights activist, Nottingham
  440. Peter French, Clacton-on-Sea
  441. Aidan Baker, Cambridge, Active in Global Justice Now
  442. Anne Booth Canterbury
  443. Angela Bartie, Historian, Glasgow
  444. Jane Gidman, Reigate, Surrey
  445. Ian Macarthur, Nottingham Broxtowe
  446. Faye Castelow, actor, London.
  447. Richard Tyrone Jones, Green party activist, Director of ‘Utter!’ Spoken Word
  448. Shahidha Bari, London
  449. Philip Moriarty, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham
  450. David Allen Green, solicitor and journalist, London
  451. Dave Ratchford, Broxtowe CLP Sec, GMB & UNITE member, UNISON FTO
  452. Mr. Derek Congdon, Southampton
  453. Gemma Blackman, Hampshire
  454. Rachael Thomas, NUT, Bristol
  455. Raymond Bennett, London
  456. Joe Weir, London
  457. Natalia Rymaszewska, St Albans
  458. Nick Todd, Nurse, Durham
  459. Linda Sketchley, Northamptonshire
  460. Adam Van Coevorden, Green Party PPC, Cheltenham
  461. Humphrey Southern, Cuddesdon, Oxford
  462. Aileen Garden. London
  463. Hannah Barham-Brown, Medical Student, London
  464. Ben Moore, Eastbourne
  465. Rose Ades, Bermondsey, London
  466. Kerry Clarke, Unison, Bilston
  467. Jackie Brown, Member of 38 Degrees/ Amnesty and Avaaz, Norwich, Norfolk.
  468. Graeme Green, Journalist, London
  469. David Heinemann, London
  470. Shelley Harris, Marlow, Bucks
  471. Karen Gardner, Windermere, Cumbria
  472. Hassan Abdulrazzak, playwright, London
  473. Mark Walkett, East Sussex
  474. Beth Granter: Socialist Party, Brighton,
  475. Mark Paterson, Edinburgh
  476. Julie Trevellick, Portsmouth UK
  477. Alison Lawson, Edinburgh
  478. Toby Wilsher, Chichester Humanists, Chichester
  479. Tom Hill, London, Retired, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Green Party member
  480. Anne Boston, London
  481. Prue Skene, London
  482. Richard Woodward, Long Eaton, Derbyshire
  483. Claire O’Kell, English PEN, York
  484. Pam Wortley, MPU/Unite and BMA, Sunderland
  485. Sara Mimms, English  Pen, Dorking, Surrey
  486. Dr Graham Kidd, Wimbledon
  487. John Chadwick, London
  488. Kathy Trevelyan, London
  489. Pamela Edwardes , Queen’s Park, London
  490. Claire Tomalin, Howard League for Penal Reform, Richmond
  491. Andy Gordon, London
  492. George Broadhead, The Pink Triangle Trust, UK
  493. Ade Couper, Board Member Amnesty International UK, Bristol
  494. Lesley Sullivan, Amnesty supporter, Brighton.
  495. Dean Cowper, Kilbarchan, Scotland
  496. David Young, Hachette UK Limited
  497. Fiona Gould, Hampshire
  498. Antonia Owen, NUJ member, London
  499. Liz Gould , Southport, Merseyside  
  500. Andrea Donakey, Human Rights and Environment activist, Devon, UK
  501. Helen Dunmore, Author, UK
  502. Margaret Jull Costa, Leicester
  503. Miriam Moss, East Sussex
  504. Christine Greenwood, 38 degrees,York Peoples Assembly, York
  505. Penelope Ann Bowden, Member of Amnesty, Oxford, England
  506. Heather Smurthwaite, Suffolk
  507. Susan E. Ferner, Whalley Range, Manchester
  508. Karen Cooper, Amnesty International, Cornwall
  509. Gillian Snook, Sheffield
  510. Jean Liddiard, London
  511. Lyndall Gordon, biographer and fellow of St Hilda’s College, Oxford
  512. Patricia Ferguson, Bristol,Janet Hooper, Devon
  513. Anne Fine Obe, FRSL – Writer,
  514. Heather Macleod, Glasgow, Scotland
  515. Hazel Mccorrisken, Glasgow
  516. Pete Sinclair, Greenwich, London
  517. Anne Murgatroyd, Leeds,
  518. Ejel Khan, LGBT activist, Luton
  519. Alexandra Becker, London,
  520. Gary Bevan, London, UK
  521. Jenny Fk, London,
  522. Josie Kimber, London,
  523. Kathy Trevelyan, London,
  524. Mohammed Amin, London,
  525. Pamela Edwardes, London,
  526. Prue Skene CBE, London,
  527. Mohammed Altamimi, Luton and Qatar,
  528. Jackie Brown, Newton Flotman, Norfolk
  529. Lindis Lane, NHS worker, Exmouth, Devon
  530. Alison Gray, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
  531. David Edmonds, Sheffield,
  532. Lisa Banes, Sheffield,
  533. Sonja Andrist, Switzerland,
  534. Emma Spurgin Hussey, Truro, Cornwall
  535. David Edgar, UK,
  536. Ravinder Randhawa, Writer, London
  537. Terence Blacker, Writer, Norfolk
  538. Professor Marina Warner, writer and biographer, London
  539. Emeritus Professor John Radford, London

Signatures of uncertain location (identified by email)

  1. Aaron Bouchard
  2. Abdul Aziz
  3. Adam Foster
  4. Alex Mullen
  5. Alfredo Pastore Italia
  6. Allan Harmer
  7. Allen Howard
  8. Amy Bagshaw
  9. Andrea Coleman
  10. Andrea Stirk
  11. Andrew Beales
  12. Andrew Morris
  13. Andrew Storey
  14. Andy Gordon
  15. Angelika Roll
  16. Ann Broom
  17. Anna Riggs
  18. Anne Boston
  19. Anne Fine
  20. Annette Dubois
  21. Barbara Denham
  22. Barry Kernon
  23. Ben Braid
  24. Ben Tappin
  25. Beverley Buxton
  26. Billy Ross
  27. Bob Cant
  28. Brian Michael Gray
  29. Brian Rutherford
  30. Brionain Ni Bheachain
  31. Caroline Ayoub
  32. Caroline Penn
  33. Cat Starr
  34. Charlotte Neil
  35. Claire King
  36. Claire Wintram
  37. Clare Hiscock
  38. Colin Muddiman
  39. Colleen Cann
  40. Cyril Peters
  41. D Greene
  42. Dan Willis
  43. Daniel Rodger
  44. Daniela Othieno
  45. Dave Watts
  46. David Farr
  47. David Felce
  48. David Pollock
  49. David Webb
  50. David Young
  51. Debra Forde
  52. Dee Grimes
  53. Denise Jones
  54. Donald Beal
  55. Dot Walker
  56. Dr Michael A Ward
  57. Dr. Cornelia Haas
  58. Dr.Ko Pillai
  59. E Tucker
  60. Eileen Sutherland
  61. Eleanor Gamper
  62. Elizabeth Macklin
  63. Elizabeth Maslen
  64. Emma Fifield
  65. Erin Dopp
  66. Eva Lewin
  67. Floyd Codlin
  68. Frances Jessup
  69. Frances Spurrier
  70. Frank Reid
  71. Gail Kavlakoglu
  72. Gian Marco Milazzo
  73. Gillian Snook
  74. Glynn Jones
  75. Graham Bundy
  76. Graham Neil Davies
  77. Gudrun Bollhorn
  78. Gwen Hamer
  79. Heather Falconer
  80. Ian Eyres
  81. Ian Wilcock
  82. Ilaria Conti
  83. Jacqueline Baker
  84. Jacqueline Baker
  85. Jake Douglas
  86. Jan Jones
  87. Jane Ballans
  88. Jane Core
  89. Jane Wakelin
  90. Janet Sheffield
  91. Janice Mccauley
  92. Janice Taverne
  93. Janie Marlow
  94. Jawad Fairooz
  95. Jean Atkin
  96. Jean Leveille
  97. Jen Corbett
  98. Jerzy Trawicki
  99. Jessica Layfield
  100. Jim Dean
  101. Joanna De Guia
  102. Jodan Dopwell
  103. Jonathan Sutton
  104. Joolz Houston
  105. Josh Kutchinsky
  106. Katherine Rogers
  107. Kay Leitch
  108. Kevin Howell
  109. Kevin Murphy
  110. Les Robertshaw
  111. Lesley Christian
  112. Linsey Mcfadden
  113. Loretta Lathwood
  114. Louise Swan
  115. Louise Worsfold
  116. Louise Worsfold
  117. Lucy George
  118. Lydia Syson
  119. Lynn Kramer
  120. Magnus Persson
  121. Mair Evans
  122. Margaret Pollard
  123. Margo Milne
  124. Maria Raos
  125. Marie Celeste Charnley
  126. Marina Buvailo
  127. Mark Parker
  128. Mark Paterson
  129. Mark Smith
  130. Mark Wilkinson
  131. Martin Clowes
  132. Martyn Sheffield
  133. Mary De Pleave
  134. Matthew Hatfield
  135. Melissa Wiseman
  136. Meltem Arikan
  137. Michael King
  138. Michael Sheffield
  139. Miranda France
  140. Miranda Miller
  141. Monisha Bhaumik
  142. Moris Farhi
  143. Mrs. J E Ford Knubley
  144. Mumtaz Karimjee
  145. Nancy Middleton
  146. Nicholas Spice
  147. Nicola Spurr
  148. Pam Wortley
  149. Pamela Oakes-Ash
  150. Patrick Wilson
  151. Paul Dowswell
  152. Paul Hamann
  153. Paul Humphris
  154. Pauline Melville
  155. Peggy Aylen
  156. Penelope Bowden
  157. Pete Drummond
  158. Peter Shalders
  159. Phillip Middleton
  160. Polly Phillipson
  161. Rachel Ward
  162. Ray Curl
  163. Ray Smith
  164. Raymond Wilson
  165. Rebecca Hamlet
  166. Rebecca Macklin
  167. Revd Kathy Ferguson
  168. Richard Francis
  169. Richard Gamper
  170. Richard Shorrocks
  171. Robert Canning
  172. Robert Smith
  173. Robin Robertson
  174. Robyn Gair
  175. Roger Hurn
  176. Rollo Reid
  177. Ronnie Akins
  178. Ros Schwartz
  179. Rowena Rooney
  180. Sabine Klein-Schwind
  181. Sandra Tepper
  182. Sarah Fairbairn
  183. Sarah Miles
  184. Sarah Ramadan
  185. Sarah Tooze
  186. Scott Henderson
  187. Sharon Booth
  188. Shena Mackay
  189. Shirley Tobin
  190. Sophie Bell
  191. Steve Pine
  192. Stewart Hildred
  193. Stuart Hartill
  194. Sue Mcgibney
  195. Sue Walsgrove
  196. Susan Chadwick
  197. Susan Rowe
  198. Tom Hopkins
  199. Tom Stacey
  200. Tom Wengraf
  201. Tracy Clayton
  202. Trevor Moore
  203. Trevor Parr
  204. Valerie Mccaig
  205. Vanessa Panayi
  206. Victoria Harrison
  207. Victoria Power
  208. Wally Gertz
  209. Werner Voges
  210. Zulfiqar Khan

From Sweden which has initiated trade action against Saudi Arabia

Anna Ek, President, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society

Signatures from Outside the UK

  1. Antje Schwarz – Librarian, Blogger
  2. Vera Scott, Social Media activist, Free Raif Badawi Planning Group
  3. Karine Drouin, France,, Free Raif Badawi Planning Group
  4. Ahdaf Soueif, Author, Egypt
  5. Hossam_el-Hamalawy, Journalist, Egypt
  6. Mona Eltahawy, writer on feminism and the Middle East, Egypt/ US
  7. Khalid Abdalla, actor/producer, Egypt/ UK
  8. Anthony McIntyre, Ireland
  9. Carrie Twomey, Ireland
  10. Roberta Zanon, Conegliano Veneto , Italy
  11. Jolanda Mol, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  12. Ian McClure, Researcher and Student, US
  13. Dörte Faatz, Ratingen / Germany
  14. Andrew Feinstein, UK and South Africa
  15. Linda A. Malcor, Writer, Tustin, California, USA
  16. Dana Conradie, South Africa
  17. Sylvie Meignan Dean Sevigny, Virginia, USA
  18. Uschi Wirth, Wuerttemberg, Germany
  19. Celia Linde, Malmo, Sweden
  20. Beena Arun, India
  21. Mahiat Solange, Namur, France
  22. Thomas Fritsch, Berlin, Germany
  23. Agnès Der Agobian, Professeur Agrégé En Physique Et Chimie, Chaville, France
  24. Keri Borden, Gulf Shores, AL USA
  25. Susanne Lück, Berlin, Germany
  26. Fabienne Couturier, Montreal, Canada
  27. Elena Senra, Melbourne, Australia
  28. Monika Janek Toronto, Ontario Canada
  29. Lola Gómez, Switzerland
  30. Angela Schmid, Switzerland
  31. Wendy Beasy, Adelaide, Australia.
  32. Laurie Hogg, Auckland, New Zealand
  33. Vishnu Prakash, Kozhikode, India
  34. Torill Andersen, Oslo, Norway
  35. Gwendoline Hancke, 09100 Pamiers, France
  36. Lotta Lennartsdotter, Sweden
  37. Irene Samuelsen, Kristiansand, Norway
  38. Nicole Salenc, Montelimar 26200 France
  39. Jean-Francois Raymond, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
  40. Katharina Tschakert, Austria
  41. Maria Raos, Dornbirn, Austria
  42. Marie-Claude Thomas, Quebec Federation of University Teachers and Professors, Montréal, Canada
  43. Maggie Furmanczyk, Canada
  44. Corinne Suau, Marseille, France
  45. John Morgan, 11160 Cabrespine, France
  46. Dr. Friederike Mussgnug, Berlin, Germany
  47. Susan Malone , Australia
  48. Bernadette Bresard , St Cyr en pail France
  49. Michaela Schaumlechner, Freedom for Raif #ArgeRaif, Austria
  50. Tineke Jansen, Ghent, Belgium
  51. Anita Hokkanen, Helsinki
  52. Vera Cecília Papaterra Limongi, São Paulo- Brazil
  53. Maria Del Mar Roman Exposito, Malaga, Spain
  54. Rachel Nicol-Smith, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  55. Lene Veierød, Lillehamner, Amnesty international, Norway
  56. Quesne Greg, Athée, France
  57. Andrew McJorrow, New Zealand
  58. Steve Bowen, East Kent Humanists
  59. Saqib Manzoor, student, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  60. Robert B. Estrada, San Carlos, California, US
  61. Mary Daniels Madison Wisconsin, US
  62. John Rogers, Retired Scientist, Spain
  63. Martin Cleaver, Amsterdam
  64. Heather Hastie, Blogger, New Zealand
  65. Paula Bryder , Phoenix Arizona US
  66. Mary Gent LCSW, Eugene Oregon, US
  67. Anja de Geus Rijken, Netherlands
  68. Vilma Vique Bravo, Santiago, Chile
  69. Marielou Tehi , Volunteer for Amnesty International, The Netherlands
  70. Laurie Crouch, Santiago, Chile
  71. Mathias Darmell, Blogger, Sweden
  72. Gregory Haliburton, One Voice, Garnish, NL Canada
  73. Pia Brinkmann, Monteverdi Marittimo, Italy
  74. Burkart Puetz, Monteverdi Marittimo, Italy
  75. Angelica Wiss, Varnamo, Sweden
  76. Wayne Bachmann, Hyrum, Utah
  77. Laura Galeotti, activist, Italy
  78. Liam Gaul, San Francisco, KCL Atheist Secularist & Humanist Society
  79. Diana Hincapie, Riverside CA USA
  80. Marion Pundel, page editor SCSE, Luxemburg
  81. Zita Lima, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  82. Danja Gertsch, Biel, Switzerland
  83. Gillian Foster, M.A.  France
  84. Charlotta Lennartsdotter, Filmmaker, Sweden
  85. Teresa Wlosowicz, Sosnowiec, Poland
  86. Gunnar Eriksson, Göteborg, Sweden
  87. Leslye Joy Allen, African American historian from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  88. Glenda Lux, Psychologist ,Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  89. Shelley Kapach, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
  90. David Mccarthy, Hong Kong
  91. Giulia Giordano, Jerusalem, Israel
  92. Waseem Haider, Humanitarian, Fredericton
  93. Zabala Christine ,Ramonville
  94. Jim Nolan, Barrister, Sydney Australia
  95. Erik Rosen, Jönköping
  96. Richard Ayuko, Student, Nairobi, Kenya
  97. Mme Trouche, Sauze, France
  98. Jacinta Clement, Los Angeles, USA
  99. Carla Cruz, Portugal
  100. Robin Roffey, Freedom from Religion Foundation, California, USA
  101. Carla Posthumus, Huizen, Netherlands
  102. Hanim Kose, mother, Belgium
  103. Marie Claude de Seve, writer
  104. Simone Immler, Uppsala, Sweden
  105. Dr Russell Goyder, Vancouver, Canada
  106. Marie-Helene Knox, Herault ,France
  107. Jérôme Tissandier, Chartres
  108. Julia Fleeman, Phoenix, USA
  109. Shelley Lenz, DVM, Ph.D., Sustainable Vets International, North Dakota
  110. Monika Gosteli-Gyger, Switzerland
  111. Corinne Roche-Goy, Pompignan, France
  112. Gwen Baines, Student, Kawasaki, Japan
  113.  Nassiet Saldubehere, Artist, Bayonne France
  114. Gabriel Enahoro – Chairman, Anthony Enahoro Foundation
  115. Agnieszka Zdunek, Poznań, Poland
  116. Michaela Schumann, ArgeRaif, Austria
  117. Viana Eriksson, Nicosia, Cyprus
  118. Anne Cenname, Norway
  119. Mike Hampson, San Diego, California, USA
  120. Bronwen Mac Lean, Tipperary Ireland
  121. Karin Verlegh, Aartselaar, Belgium
  122. Steven Vits, Mechelen, Belgium
  123. Roberto Elías Calles, Teacher, Mexico
  124. Chloé Barbieux, Evry, France
  125. Ana-Laura Cărbunescu, Bucharest, Romania
  126. Miriam Ohrndorf, copywriter and author, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  127. Kimberly Lenz, Educator & Activist, Lorette, Canada
  128. Sasha Stewart, Australia
  129. Jana Zíková, Amnesty International, Praha, Czech Republic,
  130. Charalambos Charalambides, Amnesty International Students, Netherlands
  131. Aryan Xebat, Kurdish activist, Paris
  132. Mireille Neusius, Luxembourg
  133. Helen McElvaney, Dublin
  134. Julien Miro, presenter of the program “Parole d’Ambassadeurs” on RCJ radio, France
  135. Ophelia Benson, Seattle, USA, author and blogger
  136. Gillian Foster, Amnesty, Roquefort, France
  137. Ilan Goldenblatt, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  138. Marco Tombesi, Italy
  139. Faith Corman, journalist and artist, USA
  140. M. T. MacPhee, Cowichan Bay, Canada
  141. Sheila Crosby, Breña Baja, Isla de La Palma, Tenerife
  142. Russell Blackford, philosopher and author, Newcastle, Australia,
  143. Wayne Turner, NC  27502, United States
  144. Ritva Jukkara-Lyytinen, Amnesty, Kotka
  145. Sylvia Suttor, Canada/USA/Poland
  146. Crystal Gandrud, MA, USA
  147. Ilka M. Enger, MD, Regensburg, Germany
  148. Gerhard Oberschlick, Wien/Vienna, Austria
  149. Tim Beal, Retired academic, New Zealand
  150. Pierre Dufour, Sociologue, Toulouse,
  151. France Karin Kefferpütz, Saulheim, Germany
  152.  Jaime Tessier, Atheist/Free Thinker, Rhode Island USA
  153. Kate Elliott, writer, USA
  154. Stephanie Munck, Software developer, Copenhagen, Denmark
  155. Debbie Ryce, Vancouver Canada
  156. Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, journalist and broadcaster, France
  157. Oliver Shanks, Dublin, Ireland
  158. Graeme Cameron, Historian, Australia
  159. Darren Shan, Ireland.
  160. Pierre-Yves Lambert, Belgium
  161. Hans-Jürgen Eichler, Frankfurt am Main/ Germany
  162. Pia Vestergaard Poulsen, Human Rights Watch, Copenhagen/ Denmark
  163. Jodi Pattinson, Calgary Alberta/ Canada
  164. Paul S. Braterman, Professor Emeritus, University of North Texas
  165. Maria Raos, Dornbirn, Austria
  166. Herbert Blaser, Freidenker, Switzerland
  167. Jerry Cheney, Blogger, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
  168. Penny Perrick,  Republic of Ireland
  169. Ms. Garrett McConnell, New York
  170. Mika Horimoto, Hiroshima, Japan
  171. Kylie Thomas, Cape Town, South Africa
  172. Penny Perrick,  County Galway, Republic of Ireland
  173. Annika Bratt, Brattås, Orust, Sweden
  174. Michael Roloff, Seattle, US
  175. Mark Aldrich, New York US,
  176. Pål Magnus Lykkja, Kløfta, Norway
  177. Lars, Eco-Move Houten Nl
  178. Zita Lima, Portugal

Student Organisations

  1. LSE  Students’ Union Atheist, Secularist & Humanist Society
  2. Cambridge Student PEN

11 Responses to Open Letter signed by over 600

  1. biancajagger says:

    The BJHRF and I are urging King Salman to set free Raif Badawi
    Bianca Jagger

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Because freedom of expression is a basic human right.


  3. Sven Bauer says:

    ARGE RAIF, Vienna is urging King Salman to set free Mr.Badawi.


  4. de seze says:

    Free Raif


  5. hosn ragab says:

    يارائف سوف تنتصر لانك تدافع عن حق كل انسان فى ان يعبر عن رأيه
    وسوف تنتصر لان قضيتك الانسانية العادلة جعلت المدافعين عن حقوق الانسان فى العالم يعملون باخلاص من اجل وقف تعذيبك واطلاق سراحك . يا رائف بموقفك الشجاع ووقوف المخلصين معك جددت الثقة بان عالمنا يسكنه الكثير جدا من المخلصين الشجعان


  6. missaixa says:

    free Raif!


  7. Andre Hansen says:

    Free Raif !!!


  8. Wanda Barquin says:

    Please honor free speech and, most importantly, stop torturing this man for blogging…Beg you to free him. Thanks…W


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