Brief report of our Day of Action

We were very pleased at the Day of Action we held on Wednesday, 17th June in London

We presented our Open Letter with names of 930 human rights activists, politicians, writers, bloggers, journalists, lawyers, trade unionists and workers at 2pm.

Downing Street delegation

Downing Street delegation

Thanks to all of the delegation who were allowed into Downing Street.

GlenysAnd thanks to the other 40 supporters of Raif, Waleed and others prisoners of conscience who joined us outside Parliament and to whom Glenys Kinnock spoke afterwards.

Glenys Kinnock addressed some of the supporters who turned up at Downing Street.

We held a successful public meeting later in Parliament with speakers as advertised but with Sarah Champion at the last minute stepping in to speak on behalf of Labour MPs support for the letter.

Representatives of most of the organisations involved in the day, English PEN, Index on Censorship, Jimmy Wales Foundation, Free Raif UK, Campaign Against the Arms Trade met during the day and put a number of proposals to the meeting.

We will write these up soon but the important and urgent one is what we can do stop further lashing of Raif. We agreed that if Raif is flogged again we would organise the largest protest we can on the following day, Saturday outside the Saudi Embassy.

Please see this post to pledge your support for such a protest and this link for videos of the speeches made at the parliamentary meeting on the day

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